Livonia's Only Pet Relief Company

Why Us?

The pet owner can now concentrate on their workday, not the pet confined inside all day.

The pet owner would no longer have to give up their  lunch time to drive home to “Check On The Dog”. Appointments after work will not have to be postponed due to driving home to check on their pet first.

Pet Owners with puppies or senior dogs or dogs that are crated will know that their  pet will be able to relieve himself outside, not in the home or in the  crate.

The pet owner will  have the satisfaction of knowing that their pet will have human contact to break up the long day at home alone.

We are also insured and bonded by Kennel Pro

Happy Pet, Happy Pet Owner.


Cheryl Hixson, Owner of Check On The Dog
Belair & Vegas, Official Spokesdogs of Check On The Dog