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Our Clients

Bella, Livonia

"When my mom and dad are away from home and I have to go, I get a little nervous and concerned.  If only they had taught me to open the door instead of fetch!!  Any way, mom and dad have it covered.  Just in time my friend from CHECK ON THE DOG comes through the door and I am relieved!!  No worries for me...  Thanks, CHECK ON THE DOG!!!"


Gracie, Bella Boo Boo Beans, and Tank, Livonia

"When our mom is at work earning the money needed to buy us new bones and toys, it's very difficult for us to "hold it" all day long. Check on the Dog provides real "relief" when it comes to our bathroom schedules! Our pack is confident that your pack will just love Cheryl. Take it from three satisfied customers (ruff ruff)"

Koosh, Livonia

Even though I know lots of amazing tricks, letting my self outside isn't one of them. When everyone at my house is busy with their "Business" around town, my parents and I rely on "Check On The Dog" to stop by and let me do my "Business" outside. Thanks to you my reputation is spotless and so is the carpet inside...

Ridley, Livonia

Hi, I'm Ridley. I know now just when to put on my "Outside Gear" now that Check on the Dog comes over every day to let me out. Thanks, Check on the Dog!

Lucy, Livonia


Now that I know Cheryl from "check on the dog" is coming to visit me, I can wait for her and I have no more accidents. I'm so happy to be a "good girl"! Thanks Cheryl and "check on the dog"


Dakota & Bobby, Farmington Hills

Dakota, Husky, and Bobby, the Pit Bull  , both are from Farmington Hills. " We love it when Cheryl comes to visit because she is patient and kind and smart, too. She gives us all the love and attention we need while Dad is at work. We really depend on her and she has never let us down! Thanks Cheryl!... See you soon.."


The Check on the Dog Collage!